Over the years I’ve built a track record of solving problems. Now, my goal is to continue designing useful and approachable products that educate and make a difference. Below, you will find a a number of real world projects that I have led, continue to lead, and even a bit of concept.

Case Studies

My Design Experience:

Founder and Content Creator for Pixel-Ed

(2023 - Present)

Pixel-Ed (Also known as Pixel Education) is an educational platform that aims to educate aspiring IT professionals on various topics including information security, cybersecurity, hacking, digital literacy and other areas of IT. By using design principles and tools, I create digital products such as social media posts and visual aids that educate with the goal of making the internet safer.

Visual Designer for the CincyMLS


I was tasked with leading the design process to create a new company website. By using UX/UI skills such as interviewing, wireframing, researching and the design thinking methodology, I’ve been able to help create an improved website to service 7,000+ real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers with an expected launch April 2023.

While using IT ticket system data, I targeted pain points to design a site that could reduce contact center workloads and usability issues, write tailored copy for learning materials, and utilize Ai for marketing projects to better serve users.

Self-Employed Visual Designer


Designed the covers of a series of indie eBooks currently on the Amazon platform. Created a custom layout for each cover with the intention of increasing book sales. Maintained knowledge of design trends to maximize ad clicks.

UX Research for Humana Pharmacy


I assisted with the UX research process to create a customized CRM tool for the mail order pharmacy. I performed over-the-shoulder observations to take note of user pain points. I also collaborated with project managers over insights to have a successful launch with the intention of improving call center metrics of 300+ agents. We were able to improve customer satisfaction, reduce hold times and lower amounts of user error when ordering, tracking, and filling medications.

Self-Employed Visual Designer


As a self employed designer, I relied on researching, brainstorming and designing to close the gap between smaller and larger gaming organizations by creating visually appealing and compelling design work. I was able to boost the confidence of players and team managers alike and in turn, the smaller teams increased their fan base and member recruitment numbers.

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