I have helped companies in banking, real estate, and healthcare improve their security posture. I create free cybersecurity and information security content to educate and bring awareness to info-sec. By creating content, I stay up-to-date with the latest security breaches and practices.

Below you will find a number of small projects, blogs, and a summary of my work experience as I work towards building a safer digital future.

Information Security Awareness Projects

Certification & Training.

Recent Work Experience.

Information Security Analyst for FIS Global:

My experience protecting organizations includes:

●Protecting networks by managing tenant policies, implementing controls through IP & domain whitelists, blacklists, and content filtering.

● Gathering information using OSINT tools such as DNSDumpster, CISCO Talos, VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis to identify malicious websites and resolve security tickets.

● Conducting thorough reviews of user logs and search history

● Keeping up to date with information security technologies, trends, and industry best practices

● Triaging and escalating tickets to appropriate team members based on skillset and focus

Information Technology Specialist for the CincyMLS:

My experience serving 7,000+ real estate professionals includes: